22-05-2018 15:54:47

3rd Danish Symposium on Metabolomics

Arrangør: IDA Bioteknologi


Organizers: Jan H. Christensen, University of Copenhagen and Kim Højlys-Larsen, Glostrup Hospital


Metabolomics is an emerging field of "omics" research concerned with the comprehensive characterization of the small molecule metabolites in biological systems. It can provide an overview of the metabolic status and global biochemical events associated with a cellular or biological system.


The main topic of the 3rd Danish Symposium on Metabolomics is INTRODUCTION TO METABOLOMICS. Two international experts will give 4 hours of introduction lectures in metabolomics. From problem definition, sampling, sample preparation, analytical techniques, data pre-processing and analysis etc. 4 Danish scientists will subsequently give short 15 min presentations (+5 min for discussions) on their use of metabolomics.


Full program and registration on-line: www.biopeople.dk  The symposium is free. Registration is required.






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