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A gentle introduction to Functional programming - a F# workshop

Learn about the distinctive features of functional programming. With F# you can master the functional approaches to programming.
Arrangør: IDA IT
A gentle introduction to Functional programming -  a F# workshop

The workshop will provide a gentle introduction to the fundamental concepts of functional programming, and it will be organizes into a series of sessions.  A specific topic is introduced by a short lecture in each session and  each short lecture is accompanied by an exercise class, where participants construct their own functional programs. The goal is that the participants get an understanding of the flavor of functional programming and the strengths of functional programming techniques and that they get their first experience concerning a value-oriented (functional) programming approach by the construction of a series of recursive functions using numbers, lists and trees.

(* F#) Participants are expected to have some/limited knowledge of programming; but they are not expected to have any knowledge about functional programming prior to the workshop.

Participants are expected to have a running F# system installed on their own laptop prior to the start of the workshop. Remember to bring your own laptop to the workshop.

Presentations and discussions will be in English!

Speaker: Michael R. Hansen (mire@dtu.dk) from DTU

Coordinator: Finn Gustafsson, IDA IT

Free for members of IDA IT and DANSK IT.


You are supposed to create and run FSharp programs on your own laptop during the event.
There are different options to do so:
Option 1. You may use the web-based tool: tryF# (http://www.tryfsharp.org/).
This works well using Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox; but Chrome is no longer supported.
Please sign in on tryF# and test the tool prior to the workshop. You can, for example, 'Create' the following simple F# program in the script window:
let f x = x+1;;
f 3;;
and see the result of running it.
Option 2. You may install F# on your own laptop.
In this case please consult FSharp.org concerning various F#-sources, including installation guides for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Please do the software installation prior to the workshop. (It will most likely be too time consuming to do so during the event.)
A convenient way to edit and run F# programs using Visual Studio is to create a script file (extension .fsx) using the editor and to execute the program using F# Interactive. You may try out the above program prior to the workshop.

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