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A Hot Topic: The Structural and Fire Performance of Engineered Timber

Dr. Richard Emberley (Cal Poly) presents existing timber designs and buildings, fire safety strategies for timber design in fire and the importance of self-extinction of timber in construction as well as detailed current research trends on self-extinction
Arrangør: IDA Brandteknik

Due to increases in architectural freedom and advances in sustainable construction, the use of exposed timber within the built environment is one of the more in vogue topics around the world.
However, the combustible nature of timber fueled by public perception that timber burns unceasingly has led to building height restrictions and fire safety requirements which greatly limit the use of timber as a structural material.

The prevalence of non-combustible construction and encapsulation of timber to achieve the desired fire performance are direct results of these restrictions. However, inherent in all fire safety designs – no matter the structural material – is the principle of designing to burnout.
Once the fuel within a compartment has been consumed, the fire burns out and the structure remains standing. In order for timber to be used as a structural material, the combustion of timber has to cease after burnout of the fuel.

This principle is the phenomena of self-extinction, whereby timber cannot sustain a flame without an external energy source, is a fundamental concept which underpins the entire fire safety design of timber. The presentation will highlight the myriad of timber designs and buildings that have been developed around the world, fire safety strategies for timber design in fire, as well as detail current research trends on self-extinction. Emphasis will be made on current knowledge gaps and future research to be conducted.

The presentation will be given by Dr. Richard Emberley from the Mechanical Engineering Department and Fire Protection Engineering Program at California Polytechnic State University and the presentation will be given in English. Richard recently completely his PhD under the supervision of Professor Jose L. Torero at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Richard holds two MS degrees in Civil and Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute as well as a BS in Civil Engineering with a focus on Structural Engineering.
His research focuses in the areas of fire safety engineering, structural mechanics, combustion, and heat transfer. His PhD research focused on structural delamination of cross laminated timber under fire conditions as well as self-extinction of timber and the fundamentals for designing tall timber buildings for fire exposure.

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