22-06-2018 13:27:44

Blockchain in production and supply chain

Blockchain was one of the biggest buzzwords for 2017 known in relation to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ripple etc. But it is actually a technology with a potential for a wide range of applications, also in production and supply chain.
Arrangør: IDA Mechanical

Blockchain is mostly known for the technology underlying Bitcoin, Ethereum and a wide range of other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain, based on the so called distributed ledger technology (DLT), has captured not only the interest of people looking at digital currencies, but also governments and multinational companies interested in using the technology to increase efficiency, streamlining business processes and navigating in a constantly changing landscape.

In this one-hour presentation you will learn:

What is Blockchain?
What are the current applications?
What problems does it solve?

As well as diving deeper into a couple of examples where the technology is being developed and implemented for production and supply chain purposes.

Particularly, how the technology is being used with;

  • Proving the origin of products and materials
  • Verifying the source and authenticity of data
  • Reducing transaction costs, errors, time consumption and paperwork in supply chain networks
  • Managing assets, identity and property rights
  • Securing data
  • Managing smart energy grids and prosumers.

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