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Antimicrobial and Self-cleaning Surfaces

Arrangør: IDA Mechanical

Microbial contamination is a growing concern in health care, the food industry as well as in the biotech industry. Most of these problems can be related to insufficient removal of microorganisms from surfaces and devices, due to insufficient hygienic design, surfaces that are difficult to clean and inadequate sanitation.

The application of antimicrobial and self-cleaning surfaces may contribute considerably in the on-going fight against microbial contaminations. However, to assist further commercialization it is necessary to bring scientists and end-users together to develop state-of-the-art products and solutions – this will indeed be facilitated by the present seminar.

Scope of the seminar
• To create a forum for discussion between manufacturers, scientists, authorities, health professionals and potential end-users.
• To create a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences between different technologies: Coatings and nanoparticle based on self-cleaning photocatalytic TiO2, silver, cobber, zinc, biological antimicrobial compounds, etc.
• Approaches towards standardisation of the measurements of surface activity against bacteria/bio-film formation and other unwanted partially oxidized carsionignic intermediated products.
• Profiling existing competences and initiate further networking and/or collaboration.
• Find end-user applications pilot and demonstration possibilities.

Please downloard full programme and sessions here.

Danish Technological Institute, Gregersensvej 3, DK-2630 Taastrup, Denmark, Building 1, conference room, 24th and25th April, 2012.

Price: 3.950 DKK for the entire conference including lunch and conference dinner.

Hotels and transportation
Nearby hotels are Taastrup Park Hotel and First Hotel Høje Taastrup. The conference has obtained a special deal with Taastrup Park Hotel (795 DKK for single room incl. parking, breakfast and internet). See link to hotels. Taxi: phone: +45 48 48 48 48

Transportation from airport
It is possible to take a train to Høje Taastrup Station to/from the airport. There is 1,9 km to walk from the station to the conference place.

Organizing committee
Lars Pleth Nielsen, Phone +45 72 20 15 85. lpn@dti.dk
Per Væggemose Nielsen, Phone: +45 45 25 26 31 / Mobile +45 29 62 08 43, pvn@bio.dtu.dk
Morten Simonsen, phone: +45 21 44 99 19, ms@alucluster.com

Signing in for the conference
Fill out the registration form HERE. Confirmation will be sent imidiately to your computer and within short time as an E-mail.
You can also register to Anette Kaltoft, tlf. 4525 4717 (09:00-12:30) or to Erling D. Mortensen, tlf. nr. +45 4525 4630 or by sending an E-mail to semapp@atv-semapp.dk with registration and invoicing information.

The seminar is promoted in collaboration with ATV-SEMAPP and the Society of Mechanical Engineering, DMS, affiliated to The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, as well as other organisations behind the seminar.

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