23-03-2018 19:49:49

Bitcoin - the math and the consequences

For this event, two presenters will approach the modern online currency Bitcoin both from a mathematical standpoint, and from an economic standpoint. After the presentations there will be some time for discussion.
Arrangør: IDA Matematik

Since its birth in 2009, the crypto-currency known as Bitcoin has attracted a lot of attention all over the world. It has been challenging the current economic structures (or has it?), promising anonymous transfers and has been seen by some as an effective get-rich-quick-scheme. Behind the seemingly mystical currency lies a sophisticated mathematical foundation using modern tools from cryptology. For this event, we have managed to get two experts on Bitcoin to give their descriptions of what, why and how the Bitcoin-economy works. Christian Rechberger, associate professor at DTU Compute will explain the underlying math behind the Bitcoin protocol, and why it is much less anonymous than one might think. Afterwards, Lars Holdgaard who is the deputy chairman of The Danish Bitcoin Association will talk about the economy of Bitcoins, including the threats and possibilities of investment and his views on the future of Bitcoin.

Talks by:
Christian Rechberger, DTU Compute
Lars Holdgaard, deputy chairman of The Danish Bitcoin Association

Free event by the rules of IDA.

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