19-11-2018 04:27:10

Cake and Climate Change

Follow ECIU's Sustainability Student Conference live from Linköping University where Professor Bjørn-Ola Linnér will give us his views on whether it is to late to avoid escalating global warming or if it is time for a Plan B. Cake is on IDA.
Arrangør: Miljøteknisk Gruppe, IDA Nord

AAU participates in the European Consortia of Innovative Universities (ECIU). On Tursday the 3rd of April the ECIU host's a Sustainability Student Conference on the topic of climate Change. Follow the conference on live-streamning where Professor Bjørn-Ola Linnér will give a presentation on "The Grand  Climate Change Transformations" asking questions like:

  • Is it too late to avoid escalating climate change in this century?
  • Is it time for a Plan B?

After the conference you are invited to discuss with your fellow students about what we and our university can do to minimize climate change. Or you can just take the opportunity to socialise with fellow climate-interested students.

IDA supports the arrangement by offering a piece of cake for everyone attending. 



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