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CANCELLED - Research Slam

Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals

YFF Young Profesionnals Forum affiliated to The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA and CIEL (Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab) invite you to join our Innovation Research Slam.

All our speakers are PhD’s, specializing in different areas of innovation, from nanotech to collaboration networks, and they each get five minutes to present their research in an inspiring way.

The broad mix of topics provide a quick, fast-paced, funny, thoughtful and creative social event, centered around cutting edge research areas and their impact in society.

Cutting to the bone!

The Ignite format that we use is fairly simple: Any speaker presents her or his research using 20 slides, preferably merely illustrations. These 20 slides will change automatically, showing four slides per minute, that is, 15 seconds per slide. This is – in a nutshell – the formula of Ignite.


Participation is free.

Register online or send an email to moede@ida.dk no later than 16th May. Please notice that you will be claimed a no show fee of DKK 250 for cancellation later than 14th May and by default from the event.


Networking after the event at Café IDA Bryggen!

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