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Car Park Fire Safety

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Car Park Fire Safety

1. “Recent Research Results on Fire Safety in Large Car Parks without Sprinklers” – Bart Merci

In a 2-year research project, different institutes collaborated in Flanders on the topic of fire safety in large car parks without sprinklers. Many different aspects have been addressed: full-scale and reduced-scale experiments, CFD simulations, structural aspects. The main findings, recently published in Fire Safety Journal, will be addressed, with focus on smoke and heat control aspects.

2. “Car Park Design Using Unprotected Steel” – Kim Sommerlund-Thorsen

A car park was designed without sprinklers and with unprotected steel, as experiments showed that typical car fire scenarios would not lead to collapse of the load-bearing structures. Alternative detection methods were also implemented, because classical detectors could not handle the ensuing conditions.

Prof. Bart Merci (http://users.ugent.be/~bmerci/) is the Head of the research unit ‘Combustion, Fire and Fire Safety’, a group of about 10 researchers at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University. He coordinates the Erasmus Mundus International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering, with the Universities of Lund and Edinburgh as partners (http://www.imfse.ugent.be). He is member of the IAFSS executive committee and associate editor of Fire Safety Journal. He is the President of the Belgian Section of the Combustion Institute. He is the (co-)author of about 90 publications in peer-reviewed journals and more than 200 publications in proceedings of national and international conferences.

Kim Sommerlund-Thorsen (http://www.dbi-net.dk/person.asp?AjrDcmntId=2030 )is a fire safety consultant at the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI), where his focus areas are fire modelling and performance-based fire safety design. He holds a MSc in Engineering from Aalborg University and is currently completing his Master in Fire Safety at DTU.  

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