26-04-2018 15:15:52

Celebrate Sct. Hans evening with EnglishForum

Short notice! EnglishForum invites IDA members and their families to celebrate Sct. Hans in traditional Danish fashion: Informal gathering to watch a bonfire and enjoy the longest day of the year.
Arrangør: EnglishForum, IDA København

Informal gathering to watch a Sct. Hans bonfire, have food from the barbecue and enjoy the longest day of the year.

The event will take place at "Docken" within walking distance from Nordhavn S-train station!

It is an outdoor event, so dress approriately! However, "Docken" has an indoor backup plan! Members that participated in last years Sct. Hans event will appreciate this!

All IDA members and families are invited, conversation will be in English.

We have reserved for 20 participants, so IDA members will be a small group at this event! Look for umbrellas with IDA logo at the entrance. Contact the organiser on mobile phone 40 88 43 95, if you can't find the group.

The participant fee for the event is 100 kr per adult and 50 kr per child. This must be payed on the IDA website at signup. Please print the receipt and bring it to the event as proof of payment.

The fee covers food from the barbecue and IDA will pay the first round of drinks.

Read more about the event on "Dockens" website: http://www.docken.dk/sankt-hans/ (this is in Danish)


kr. 100
kr. 50

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