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CheChe - Make better presentations event

Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

The stand out in front of others and speak freely, effortlessly and enthusiastically about a subject that can even be professionally complex, is not all easy. Stage fright is a well-known phenomenon, and too many speakers are preoccupied with what they want to 'sell', but not of what their audience needs to hear.
YFF-IDA has invited Cheche to lead you through a course where you are trained in preparation, angulation and completion of an academic paper. You get to work with timing, presence, speed and timeliness - primarily focusing switch from the speaker himself to the audience and the audience to take with them on.
The course will take the form of a 4-hours workshop, and will be the first step on a journey where you learn to make far more interesting presentations to delight you, your place of work or study. A certificate of participation will show one of your greatest potentials.

Participation is free, but be aware that there is a no show fee of 300 dkk for cancellation later than April 9th and by default from the event.

Jimmy Holm Olsen, Cheche
Hans Ravnkjær Larsen, Cheche
More info: www.cheche.dk

Last date for registration is 9 March 2013 12.00 PM!

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