14-08-2018 15:17:46

Christmas Lunch Party

Come join us for a TRADITIONAL DANISH Christmas Lunch! You will eat and drink danish specialities and play the most popular Christmas Lunch game Pakkeleg!
Arrangør: Studieudvalg, IDA Sjælland

In order to know the Danish Culture, you have to know the Danish "Julefrokost" which basically means Christmas Lunch. At this dinner you will eat food that Danes typically eats around the Christmas season.

The Danes love good food and drink all year round but especially during the festive season with the much-anticipated Christmas Eve dinner. Danes spend the run up to and after Christmas enjoying festive lunches and dinners with friends, colleagues and family. 

Julefrokost - The Christmas Lunch
What is in the traditional Danish Christmast Dinner? Roast pork, boiled potatoes, red cabbage, gravy and roast duck. For dessert, the classical dish is ris à l’amande; cold rice pudding with whipped cream, vanilla and almonds. 

Beverage is typical a Christmas beer, a celebratory glass of wine or, if you dare, a shot of Christmas snaps, which is a strong Danish beverage.



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