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Climate-friendly food

We often talk about taking good care of the planet/earth and make sure to pass it to the future generation in a good condition. but how can we make a difference in our daily life without it has a negative effect on our standards of living.
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Sustainability is not only about changing our attitude, but also doing it in practice. In recent years food industries have focused to find alternatives products instead of meat.

As a growing world population on the planet, the food industries are naturally under pressure to make sure that we all get enough food.
A large number of food industries have already tried some alternative products where the main ingredient is insects. However, insects have already been used in many countries and they have been doing it for hundreds of years. Now the Western countries have become aware of them. However, there are still prejudices associated with eating insects in the west.


Introduction to me and my educational background/experiences
- Overview of the current state of our food systems
- Overview of climate change and food systems
- Overview of future foods
- Questions
- Introduction to edible insects
- Edible insects cont.
- Group discussions based on a question that is posed to the class
- Wrap up

Dr. Afton Halloran
MSc Agricultural Development
University of Copenhagen

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