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Come to Denmark - and stay

Do you find Danes weird? Here's the crash course you have been needing
Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals


Do you find Danes weird? Here's the crash course you have been needing

-Are you an international student, currently studying in Denmark or just curious about Danish culture (also for Danish citizens!)
 - Do you sometimes end up in awkward and funny situations where you don't know what to say?
-  Do you have a plan for what you will do after finishing your studies?
-  Are you going to stay in Denmark?

If you can answer yes to just one of the questions - this event is for you!

This event hosted by YFF will touch upon the above and other topics during a string of interactive presentations by experts within Danish culture.

Get started! See this film that IDA made in cooperation with Living Institute: ttp://ida.23video.com/video/8612957/welcome-to-denmark


17.15-17.25: Welcome and introduction to YFF

17.25-18.30: Living Institute: Why are Danes so weird?
   -Introduction to Danish culture
   -The things that make Danes special culturally speaking
   -Minor interactive exercises

18.30-19.00: Sandwiches and drinks
19.00-19.40: Expat in DK on network and events in DK
   -What’s happening in Denmark; how do you find the cool events and social activities?
   -Network tool; find the events that interest you and those who share your passions

19.40-20.00: Recap of the day

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