14-11-2018 12:41:24

Company visit by ‘Kanda’

Interested in games, innovative projects and IT? Then come and meet the company ‘Kanda’!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

Kanda has been developing games and interactive presentations for the last 3 years and are research based in their work. They are fully at home in Unity3D and have experience publishing to iOS, Android, PC and Mac. However if you feel more towards Windows Mobile or Blackberry? Don’t worry Kanda is moving there as well.
Kanda’s team uses Prototypes, Personas, Scenarios and wireframe from start to finish to create a design process that includes the customer and users.
And best of all Kanda is completely open about their process and invite all collaborators to follow the project right down to seeing what every hour is spend working on. This way you get a share in their challenges as well as in their successes.

‘We want to create a world where people find the same enjoyment and pleasure in their work that we find in games.’ Kanda

More about the company you can read at kanda.dk


Snacks and drinks will be provided at the event.


The event will be in room E171, the guest canteen, the entrance for which is located in the VIA cantenn, when you pass the red and green couches and turn to the left.

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