14-12-2018 07:01:25

Triple Bottom Line for Sustainable Product Development

EVENT THEME HAS BEEN CHANGED TO: Triple Bottom Line for Sustainable Product Development
Arrangør: Ungdomsudvalg, IDA Fyn

If you are interested in product development and exciting themes for the future, you should take part of this event. Where the Triple Bottom Line will be discussed and presented to you, and how companies can use it to improve their product development process.

Dylan Cawthorne will be hosting the event with an approach towards learning, together with being an eye opener event. The event will focus on how the triple bottom line can improve product development in your own work as well as in big companies.

To get a better idea of the tool, a case study will be presented to show how it works. To finalize the event some critiques to the model will be discussed.

There will be a break during the event, where food and beverage will be served.

There will be a No Show Fee of: 75 DKK

If you have any questions please contact:
Mathias Poulsen
Phone: 31604808
Mail: Mathiasp@stud.ida.dk


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