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Grab your IDA fellow and join IDA Event to an exhausting and tough Crossfit training at Crossfit Aalborg!
Arrangør: Universitetsudvalg, IDA Nord

Crossfit Aalborg is a gathering of committed crossfitters from different kind of work backgrounds, where all use their body as a work tool. There is people from military, craftsmanship, office workers etc., and they have all experienced crossfit as one of the coolest and most interesting sports, they so far have tried. 

The instructors have many years experience with a background in different kind of sports, among material art, extreme run, weightlifting, climbing and rappelling. All agree that Crossfit make them able to perform their best and the greatest results in shortest time.

So if this has enlightened your interest, you have the chance to participate in a Crossfit training with IDA Event. The training is for all and no experience-level is required, since all technique would be explained during the training.

It is possible to make use of Crossfit Aalborg's changing room and baths. If you want to make use of this, please be there in good time, so everybody is ready for the training at 17.00.

To this event IDA Event would provide you with water, an IDA drinking bottle and a proteinbar.

If you have any questions, please contact Mathilde Jul Sørensen, e-mail: Mjsa14@student.aau.dk or phone.: 20 46 45 19

NOTE: In case of problems with the attendance application, Helle Ekstrøm can be contacted at hek@ida.dk. Indicate member number and event number. If you are unable to attend the event, please report a cancellation. Cancellations can be reported on www.ida.dk or in case of emergency, it can be given to hek@ida.dk or aau@ida.dk


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