23-10-2018 14:32:34

Crossfit® with IDA

Have you ever heard about the new way to exercise, but never had the chance to try it your self? Now you can test your strength and stamina with IDA & CrossFit.
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

Once again IDA has invited Crossfit Copenhagen to DTU where they will go through several exercises and show you how to stay fit.

For about an hour we will go through some of the basic things, but we promise you will break a sweat and sore muscles a day or two after.

The trainer from Crossfit Copenhagen will also answer questions and give tips about this special way to work out, so give it a go and have some fun.

It is totally free and there will be a snack and something to drink, so bring a friend and see who has the best stamina J

It is being held at DTU Lyngby, 24th of September, at 17.15 o’clock, we are looking forward to see you all.


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