26-05-2018 02:08:36

Customer Experience Engineering - the Bridge between Business and Engineering

Arrangør: IDA IT

Are you are interested in knowing how to achieve the goal of building the right product right to maximize the business return on the engineering investment?

Then come and listen to this presentation which covers the 5 stage Environment Evaluation, Concept Evaluation and Solution Selection process which involves all aspects of the business, engineering and process performance domains.

Customer Experience Engineering is the newest family member of the 6 Sigma mindset.

We begin with introducing the Voice Of the Customer (VOC) and how to capture this information for use in new product and service development. 

From there we delve into the design and practice of customer site visits to elicit customer voices and images to identify the New, Unique and Difficult customer needs that will differentiate the product from the competition to provide a greater level of predictability and confidence for the success of the return on the investment.

Participants will see real-life examples of how to validate, prioritize and transform the voice of the customer and voice of the business data and convert this it into technical engineering requirements, concepts and subsequently selecting the robust solutions

Whether the solution is a product, a service, or a promotional campaign these tools will enable the users to solve their individual problems rapidly with a strong self-documenting processes.

Statistical analyses, reused from the 6 Sigma world, measures the balance of the voice of the customer, the voice of the business, the voice of the technology and the voice of the process all to target the goal of maximizing the business return on engineering investment.

Free for members of IDA-IT

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