22-10-2018 10:12:12

Danish culture night with IDA

Just moved to Denmark? Not quite familiar with Danish work style yet? Or the Danish mentality in general? How about do's and taboos?
Arrangør: IDA Østjylland
Medarrangør: Kompetenceforum, IDA Nord

Get inside knowledge on how to behave in a Danish cultural setting, how to get a social network and of course the most important facts and numbers on Denmark.

    • Cultural issues and norms
    • Communicating with Danes - speech and communication styles
    • Communication: Verbal and non-verbal
    • How to build productive interpersonal relationships
    • Social etiquette and protocol
    • Danish humour
    • Danish customs and national characters and their manifestations in the business world
    • Business etiquette and protocol
    • Leadership styles
    • Decision making and consensus building
    • Negotiation techniques


The guest speaker for this event is Anne Lindhardt, who is Director and Head Consultant in “Kommunikation & Kultur”.

She has a MA in Chinese and a BA in Psychology and Teacher Education from the University of Aarhus and the Norwegian Technical and University of Science .

Before starting Kommunikation & Kultur, she taught the Asian Studies Programme at Copenhagen Business School for 8 years, and has been a communications consultant for several major consultancy companies in Denmark, the UK and the US.

She has traveled for extended periods over large parts of the world, including places like North Korea, Tibet and Namibia.
This has given her an understanding of how important and diverse communication is.She is convinced that improved spoken communication provides opportunities for greater insight, problem solving and ultimately better quality of life, and the well-being of all parties.

More about Anne and her company at: http://www.kommunikationogkultur.dk/communicationogculture/


SNACKS, DRINKS, SANDWICHES, FRUITS provided for all the participants of the event.

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