18-10-2018 00:51:32

Distributed vertical farming – Growstack technology demo session

Come and join us for an evening where we dive deep into the technology behind the Growstack open source platform.
Arrangør: IDA Automation
Medarrangør: IDA IT
Distributed vertical farming – Growstack technology demo session

Growstack is an open source community focused on new foodtech solutions, particularly soilless farming. One of the central aims of Growstack is to make an open and easily accessible platform for soilless farming. For this Growstack uses open source SW and HW, donated by Nextfood but to be hacked by the community.

Come and see one of the soilless farming racks in operation at IDA Innovate, hear about the development of the technology - and contribute with your knowledge.

The grow system consists of a hardware (mechanics, electronics, high pressure water control etc) and software on a small central computer (Raspberry Pi) that communicates in a JSON format over a serial bus with sensors and actuators placed around the grow system, each controlled by a microcontroller (STMicro or Arduino). Through the central computer’s internet connection the grow system is controlled from the cloud.

This event is for technologists that are interested in hands on knowledge and in contributing in co-creating the platform with us:


17.00: Welcome and short intro by Growstack and Nextfood
Growstack vision and concept

17.15: Demo of system
Software, hardware, documentation, process, Q&A

18.00: Informal networking with snacks and drinks

19.00: Goodbye

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