16-11-2018 11:13:39

Drinks & Design Talks - Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation is a hot topic. Everyone fears disruption. And yet we continue to ship software that does anything but eat the world. How many apps on your phone was opened once, and never again?
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende
Medarrangør: Kurser for studerende

People, organizations, even society at large, too often focus on the wrong things. That leads to failed projects, blown budgets, broken timelines and, worst of all, an incorrect view of where ‘digital’ fits into our everyday lives. Luckily, that lens can be adjusted. I present the case for how service design, based on the theory and practices of Jobs to be Done, can be employed to raise the success rate of innovation, by lowering the risk and costs, improving customer satisfaction and perceived value, combining to create a stable, predictable environment designed for continuous iteration and testing, with real results and no bullshit. It all starts with thinking differently about segmentation. By using the desired outcomes of customers as a central unit of analysis—as opposed to demography, attitude and arbitrary Personas—people and organizations can focus their effort around the problem, not the solution. This is key to design thinking at the strategic level.

Lecturer: Casper Klenz-Kitenge

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