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Efficient mobile air-conditioning systems in cars and buses

Arrangør: IDA Grøn Teknologi

Efficient mobile air-conditioning systems in cars and buses

In Europe more than 90 percent of new cars and an increasing number of buses are equipped with an air-conditioning system. Every year about 12 million air-conditioned vehicles are sold in the EU. Air-conditioning systems offer comfort and allow safer driving. However, air-conditioning systems increase the energy use and thereby the CO2 emissions of cars by 5-15 % - even up to 30 % in city traffic.

Furthermore, the often used refrigerant called R134a (tetrafluorethane) is a fluorinated gas (f-gas) which is 1,430 times more climate-damaging than CO2. By using natural refrigerants as CO2 the energy consumption and the maintenance costs for car owners and bus operators can be reduced significantly.

However, this increases the production costs of the air-conditioning systems slightly and are thereby the vehicle manufacturers have been reluctant – so far - to invest in this technology for cars and busses.

The meeting is arranged in cooperation with The Ecological Council and two German NGOs: DUH and VCD running the PRO KLIMA campaign (www.autoklimaanlage.info) supported by EU Life.

13.30 Registration and coffee

14.00 Welcome v/Michael Søgaard Jørgensen, The Danish  Ssociety of Engineers

14.10 Environmental impact and costs of mobile air-conditioning  v/Dr. Axel Friedrich, International
          Transport  Advisor & member of the ICCT

14.35 Additional fuel consumption through ancillary components & regulation v/Ralf Johannsen,TÜV Nord

15.00 Cooling and Heating - Lower operation costs with natural refrigerants
           v/Dr. Michael Sonnekalb, Konvekta AG

15.25 Danish efforts to reduce the use of F-gases v/Per Henrik Pedersen, senior consultant,
           Danish Technological Institute

15.50 How can drivers limit the fuel consumption for mobile air-conditioning?
           v/XX, Danish Car Owners Association

16.15 Discussion followed by networking: coffee and snacks outside.

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