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Energy Crossroads - Changing the Game

Student side event at the Sustainability Science Congress, Energy Crossroads
Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals

Energy Crossroads Denmark and Sustainability Science Centre, the University of Copenhagen, have created an opportunity for students to take part in the energy themed student side event at the Sustainability Science Congress at Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel & Conference Centre.

Students with a variety of backgrounds are joining to hear the congress sessions, and participate in an interactive energy planning game ‘Changing the Game’. In the game, the participants take the role of energy planners for one region of Europe, and implement chan- ges they would like to see happening in the real, resource-constrained world. Interdisciplinary groups generate great discussions and the participants are rewarded with many new perspectives on sustainability.


08:00 Registration

08:30 Congress plenary talks
          Climate, development and security in the age of adaptationby Adil Najam
          Ocean biodiversity, threats and prioritized solutionsby Jane Lubchenco

10:00 Congress session: Energy in a resource-constrained economy

11:30 Changing the Game, the interactive energy game

16:30 Congress session: free of choice, please see the program (please scroll down the page and download the pdf program). 

Who can participate?

The participants in this side event are Bachelor and Master students with a basic knowledge about the challenges with energy and sustainaiblity, who study a relevant discipline (for instance, but not limited to, biology, engineering or political sciences).

IDA offers their student members a reduced price of 499 DKK (incl. VAT; full price 900 DKK incl. VAT). This ticket is coupled to the program above.


For buying the ticket, please register by writing to Frederikke Oldin (frederikke.oldin@snm.ku.dk) with “IDA-student” in the subject field.


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