24-10-2018 07:33:06

Explore Copenhagen by boat with IDA

Experience Copenhagen and its' waterways by boat and listen to the many painting stories connected to the attractions along the way. An excellent way to experience both new and old Copenhagen!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

We'll be leaving with the "Netto-boats"  at the "Holmens Church" in a semi-closed boat visiting attractions such as: Holmens Church, The old stock exchange(Børsen), The Central Bank, The ministry of foreign affairs, Amalienborg palace, the marple church, The little Mermaid, The National Museum, Christiansborg and much more.

(For a more detalied describtion please visit: http://www.havnerundfart.dk/2014folder.pdf).


Along the way IDA will be serving refreshments of wine and bisquits.

Additionally we'll be introducing our purpose and how a union might help international students settle in Denmark.

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