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Food for students - Cook your own dinner with IDA

Arrangør: Herning Afdeling, IDA Vestjylland

Food for students - Cook your own dinner with IDA at AU-HIH Canteen, Birk Centerpark 15, Herning

Do you also find it hard to make a delicious, cheap dinner when you’re a student?

Now you get the opportunity to try to make a nice and cheap meal with IDA.
You are going to make the dinner on your own with guidance from the chef in the HIH canteen.

Afterwards, we’ll enjoy the meal together and then we of course have to clean up.
You can buy soft drinks etc in the canteen.

The guidance will be in Danish, but it is possible to get any answer in English, so that should not be a barrier.

IDA Student member DKK 0,00
Non members DKK 100,00

You are not insured by the school, which means that if an accident happens in the kitchen, you have to be accident-insured on your own. Sign up on ida.dk/Studentinsurance

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