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FREE sandwiches

Become a member of Denmark's biggest engineering society!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende


Do you want to be a part of The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA?
- Then sign-up for membership and get a FREE sandwich! The first study year is FREE, afterwards it costs 20 DKK every month. 

As an IDA-member you'll get lots of advantages for example:
- Feedback on your application and CV
- Contract reviews
- Cheap insurance, IDA Forsikring
- Access to various discounts
- Access to professional and social events
- A beneficial student bank account
- As a member of IDA you'll be a part of Denmark's largest network for engineers and science professionals
- IDA provides counselling to help you get the BEST working conditions

Most important is if you're planning to work in Denmark after you've graduated, then begin your process to be apart of The Danish Society of Engineers to gain more informations about the benefits.

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