17-12-2018 07:03:59

Go rock climbing with IDA!

If you ever wanted to try climbing this is your chance to go to a free climbing session with instructor at the climbing club in Horsens!
Arrangør: Horsens Afdeling, IDA Østjylland
Medarrangør: Kurser for studerende

We have set up an event with the climbing club in Horsens where you will have a chance to challenge yourself and try out climbing followed by an instructor, that will make sure you are equipped with everything needed and that the necessary safety measures are taken. All of this will be FREE but we are limited to only 20 participants, so make sure to register well in time if this catches your interest!

Remember to bring comfortable clothing suited for exercise, and please arrive well in time!
Any questions regarding the event contact: lukas@stud.ida.dk

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


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