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Green Mobility: The Future of Transportation in Denmark and in the EU

The conference will have presentations in English and Danish and it will be a three-days event. The location of the event will be the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (DK), which is an institution known worldwide among energy experts
Arrangør: Mors-Thy Afdeling, IDA Nord

At the centre  you  will  be  able  to  experience  different  renewable  energy  technologies  and  have  a
complete overview on how could a transition towards a 100% renewable energy society occur.

The event will analyse the different solutions related to green mobility and will have a specific
focus for every day of the conference: Biofuels (28 April), Hydrogen & Fuel Cells (29  April) and
Electric  Vehicles  and Hybrids  (30  April).  The  presentations  will  be  carried  out  by national  and
international field experts, who will join car manufactures to discuss the possible solutions for
the  future.  Additionally,  the  audience  will  have  the  chance  to  try  different  models  of  green
vehicles, which will be available during the conference.

The  conference  is  meant  for  all  people  interested  in  the  topic,  regardless  their  background.
The presentations will be carried out in a simple language, so that everyone can follow.

The event  is family minded: besides the conference, there will be also a 
showcase of vintage cars (29 April) and test-drive of different green mobility vehicles (28-30 April).

The conference hall is located in SkibstedFjord, which is an example of innovative underground
architecture.  The  building,  with  its  670  m2 and  its  140  places,  is  the  ideal  location  for
conferences  on  renewable  energy  topics,  and  enjoys  a  very  pleasant  indoor  climate  in  every

See programme here

Due to the limited amount of seats available, the participation to the conference is subjected to previous registration. The registration fee is 100 DKK (14 Euro) and should be paid before joining the conference. Payment details are here.

The registration form can be found here;

During the conference, food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided free of charge.

Folkecenter can also provide free accommodation, as long as places are available. Please, note that the speakers of the conference have the priority.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us:

•Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy:  jk@folkecenter.dk, + 45 9795 6600
•Daniele Pagani, Event Organizer:  dp@folkecenter.dk, +45 52 65 93 14


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