14-11-2018 17:19:08

Hacking & Information Security

You need to ask the question: How do the hackers do it? In this event we will answer that question through various demonstrations. Join the event and get a unique experience of the lastest trends in information security.
Arrangør: IDA Fagtekniske Studieevents
Medarrangører: IDA IT, Kurser for studerende

"This event will focus on live hacking sessions, which will range from compromising users by phishing or infecting unattended workstations, to hacking webservers, laterally moving in Megaholding’s (imaginary organization) network (jumping from one host to another) to locate and “steal” their confidential information"

After a short introduction, we head into the universe of hacking and informations security with five demonstrations. Security advisor Slavi Parpulev from ImproSec will be your guide in this hacking 101 with the following aganda:

• Introduction
• What is Happening/Trends and the importance of Information Security
• The cyber kill chain – steps of compromise
• Demo 1 – Hack through a phishing link
• Demo 2 – Hack through a usb stick
• Demo 3 – Hack through an email attachment – microsoft office document
• Demo 4 – Hack a web application
• Demo 4.5 – Hacking tomcat server
• Demo 5 – Hacking a vulnerable Server

Of course, for this event, we won’t stop there. So, there will be a discussions with Q&As on hacking web servers as well and the different (at least the most common/highest impact).

During the break refreshments will be served. If you have any allergies, please contact us before the event, otherwise you might not be able to enjoy the refreshments.


kr. 150

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