20-10-2018 21:32:36

Hardware 2.0 and The journey of creating a Med Tech Hardware Company

This event consist of two related presentations. In part one you will hear about new ways of developing hardware called Hardware 2.0. In part two experiences from creating a Med Tech Hardware Company will be presented.
Arrangør: IDA Embedded

Hardware 2.0 

With the advancement of new manufacturing, prototyping and design technologies, hardware has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. The barrier to entry for hardware has lowered so that in these modern times, the ability to make hardware is NO longer confined to engineers, but instead hobbyists, makers, students and everyday people are able to build projects and even their own companies!

This talk will give an overview of the current hardware landscape, key players and trends. Without revealing too much, there will be live product demos and some fun toys to play with at the end ;)

The first presentation is given by Ran Ma, Biomedical Engineer, Maker, Entrepreneur and lover of all things tech.

The journey of creating a med tech hardware company and how the death of a giant can sprout  innovation.

The room for hardware innovation in healthcare is gigantic. The prerequisites for hardware innovation have never been smaller. The healthcare system is pushed to its limits. Innovation and automation is needed to fix this. With these thoughts in mind, a small hardware company pivoted from targeting professional football clubs to entering the healthcare market with a novel vital sign monitoring device developed in-house by former Nokia employees.

This talk is aimed at anyone who ever had a hardware idea related to healthcare. It is about trying to change an old system, doing a startup, producing med tech hardware, and “guesstimating” the future. All sprinkled with a bunch of live-demonstrations.

The second presentation is given by Erik S. Poulsen (http://linkedin.com/in/erikpoulsen), a medical doctor, biomedical engineer, and Singularity University alumnus who works at Cortrium (www.cortrium.com) and co-founded “The Opeon Project” (www.opeon.dk ).

The presentations will be given in English.

Ingeniørhøjskolen, Aarhus Universitet, Finlandsgade 22, 8200 Aarhus N. Room E235.


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