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Henrik Scharfe and Geminoid DK – English version

Meet the world famous Geminoid-DK, the world’s most life-like robo.
Arrangør: IDA Nord
Henrik Scharfe and Geminoid DK – English version

Henrik Schärfe will present and tell about the process of the Hiroshi Ishiguro-inspired and Kokoro-built robot Geminoid-DK that looks like himself. Meet the world famous Geminoid-DK, the world’s most life-like robot, and hear about the possibilities in a future robotic society.

The presentation will also be held in Danish, in the morning and afternoon.

This is one presentation out of a long line that will take place on 24 September at the HI Expo in Technomania, which is the name of IDA’s exhibition hall.

About Technomania
Technomania is the meeting place and the island right at the heart of the HI Expo. This is the place where you will get a glimpse into the future as well as a new perspective on and knowledge of technologies that are not necessarily on the market yet.
Come and have a breath of ‘Emerging Technologies’ and be surprised, inspired and entertained.

You can also participate in one or more of the other events about robots, automation, innovation, biohacking…
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Technomania – ’Powered by IDA’ and ’Driven by knowledge’.

it’s free to participate, however registration is necessary.

The deadline for registration is the 24.09.2015. Notice, if you want to participate in the other presentations, registration for each presentation is necessary.

Info about the ticket
(Remember to bring your receipt at the entrance)


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