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High Tech Summit at DTU

Join IDA for an exciting day at The High Tech Summit 2018 at The Technical University of Denmark. Hear about the latest technological developments, debate the most recent discoveries, participate in matchmaking events, and generate ideas
Arrangør: IDA Fremtidsteknologi
Medarrangører: IDA Automation, IDA Bioscience, IDA Bioteknologi, IDA Design & Innovation, IDA E, IDA Embedded, IDA IT, IDA Mechanical, IDA Proces, IDA Sundhedsteknologi, IDA Young Professionals, IDA Young Scientists
High Tech Summit at DTU

The High Tech Summit takes place at DTU from October 10th -11th 2018.

Visit IDA's track on October 10th when we focus on Bio Hacking and the data behind, Printing the future with 3D print and Blockchain technologies and its uses:
The track is divided into a morning and afternoon session, with a lot of exciting things happening around the tracks at DTU.


Morning theme: Bio Hacking and intelligent use of our data

Bio hacking is opening up for a completely new world. Biohacking is the art and science of optimising performance, health and wellbeing with
technological and biological tools. Wearables, genetic testing and biomarker analysis will provide the foundations for preventive healthcare to optimise the human biological operating system.
But what about the data collected? What can it be used for and who owns it? We are more connected than ever and the increasing amount of collected data requires more intelligent IoT and Big Data analyticsand researchers, companies and public healthcare providers working together to make valuable use of our data.

Afternoon theme: 3D print & blockchain

Digital production, 3D printing, additive manufacturing and blockchain are revolutionising production and disrupting industries. Additive manufacturing is changing physical production, while blockchain offers a whole range of innovative solutions potentially disintermediating a range of established actors in virtually every industry.

Sign-up is free. Register directly at High Tech Summit - Look for the IDA track on October 10th


10.20-11:00: Optimize Your Work Day with Biohacking - Teemu Arina, Biohacker, author and Digital Transformist
Biohacking is the art and science of optimising performance, health and wellbeing with technological and biological tools. Wearables, genetic testing and biomarker analysis will provide. The foundations for preventive healthcare to optimise the human biological operating system.

Learn everything you need to know to optimise your performance, health and wellbeing in guidance of one of the world's top experts on optimal human performance and biohacking. Discover the 20% that will result in 80% of improvement in your day-to-day routines. Gain deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of your biology and patterns of behavior. Learn techniques to improve your physical & mental performance, speed up recovery, prevent injury, avoid sickness and get more things done. Biohacking is the art and science of human optimization with the help of technological and biological tools – This session provides insights and practical tools for more results at work without losing the balance of what it means to be productive, healthy and happy.

Read (in Danish): Biohacker til High Tech Summit: Vi skal forene hoved og krop - også på jobbet

11:00-11:40: Ab Silico Ad Salus – Health Care in the Age of Intelligent Machines, Mark Wolff, Advisory Industry Consultant, Global IoT Division within SAS Institute
Value Based Healthcare and Patient Centricity are emerging as new global paradigms to address how health care is delivered and paid for. Critical to the success of this transformation will be adoption of advanced data management and analytics capabilities by healthcare organisations. A major driving force behind this transformation will be the concept of connectivity, connectivity between people, machines and environments. As IoT technology is implemented in healthcare systems, it will drive an exponential increase in the amount and dimensionality of data available for operational and clinical decision making. This unprecedented and transformational growth in data volume and velocity will make the application of “intelligent” streaming and edge IoT analytics an imperative not an option. As IoT technology tames the flood of data from connected patients, machines and environments it will drive not only the adoption but reliance on Intelligent Clinical Decision Support systems, enabling better, faster and ultimately, autonomous clinical decision making.

11:40-12:05: Implementing biohacking into public health care, Henning Langberg, Director, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster
We are facing big challenges in healthcare and the solution is better use of data – big and small data. For years, the basis of most medical research and discovery has been the collection and analysis of data: who gets sick, how they get sick and why. But now, with sensors in every smartphone and doctors able to share information across disciplines, the quantity and quality of the data available is greater than ever before, which means that the potential for breakthroughs and change is growing. Researchers are beginning to compile this information into incredibly useful databases that could allow us to understand e.g. the intersection of lifestyle and disease.
To release the potential of healthcare data we however need to develop “Sandboxes” where data can be accessed and worked with under safe conditions. This is not trivial but methods like “synthetic data” and “model data” generation may be the key. Both researchers, public healthcare providers and private companies are interested – so we need this to happen in Denmark NOW !

12:05-12:20: Short debate and summing up: Moderator: Techtopia Editor, Henrik Føhns, Ingeniørforeningen, IDA


14:05-14:40: Print the future, Mads Kjøller Damkjær, CEO, AM Hub

Digital production, 3D printing, additive manufacturing and new technologies revolutionize production and disrupt industries. Despite the technology, we have thought of production and logistics in the same way for nearly 200 years. So how do we handle future potentials? How do we ensure that technology is on the human side and what skills are we going to need? The future calls for design thinking, innovation and new mindsets.

Mads will present his top 5 Additive Manufacturing trends In 2019 and 3 suggestions on how companies can act on them.

14:40-15:15: Blockchain for Renewable Energy and Climate Markets, Karim Jabbar, CIO, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration
Blockchain can be seen as an emerging open protocol layer on the internet on which a whole range of innovative solutions can be created, potentially disintermediating a range of established actors in virtually every industry. These could range from supply chain, trade finance, sustainability reporting, and crowdfunding, to distributed energy production, digital carbon markets, and local exchange platforms. There is almost not a day without a new use case for blockchain being announced: Blockchain is indeed the new black! … or is it simply at the stage of overinflated expectations?
In this short lecture, Karim Jabbar will introduce the trajectory of BLOC in the area of Energy and Climate, and expand on the challenge of finding a solid product-market fit when designing blockchain solution in these areas. While unpacking some of the basic features of blockchain, Karim will share some hands-on learnings about the limitations of the technology and the implementation constraints that can be encountered both related to technological legacy, existing business practices, and legal frameworks. Through this narrative he will expand on why BLOC and Solstroem have shifted their focus from per-to-peer energy trading to climate markets, and specifically explain the basic functioning of this new infrastructure for generating, validating, and trading solar carbon credits.

15:15-15:50: Use of blockchain technology: How will robots pay in the future?, Jack Nikogosian, CEO, Aryze

ARYZE is the creator of the Danish, tokenized stable-coin, eKR (electronic Kroner). ARYZE issues fully redeemable stable coins backed by and pegged to traditional assets. By creating the bridge between traditional value and digital currencies ARYZE aims to be the primary payment infrastructure enabling individuals, businesses and IOT devices to make instant payments globally in a modular ecosystem with no transaction fees.

15:50-16:05 Short debate and summing up: Moderator: Techtopia Editor, Henrik Føhns, Ingeniørforeningen, IDA

Please note: It is free to participate at the High Tech Summit. Click on the 'Tilmeld' button and you will be forwarded to the High tech Summit website where you can register and you'll be able to read all about the summit.
Look for the IDA track on October 10th when you sign up.


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