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How to catch your audience and get your message through

Young Professionals and IDA Event on AU Herning invite you to a 4-hours introduction in how to catch your audience and get your message through. This event is open for international and national members of IDA.
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende
Medarrangør: Herning Afdeling, IDA Vestjylland

Despite we think of ourselves as engineers, we are also sales people - whether we want it or not. We sell ideas, messages, beliefs, skills, confidence, our professionalism and projects. Success, either in personal life or professionally, is dependent on us selling our ideas and solutions.

This course will therefore equip you with the skills to:

  • Identify and transmit your message
  • Perform a structured presentation
  • Use convincing arguments
  • Target your key audience
  • Support your message using your body language
  • In case you are nervous, using this positive in your advantage
  • Increase the effect of analogue and digital media

All are skills which are needed whether you are a student as preparation for your upcoming exams or if you are a graduated engineer, going to present your work and results.

The course will be a mixture between theory and small exercises/training and will be arranged by Karsten Nøgaard from Presentor.

IDA Event will offer a sandwich and water during the event.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact Sidsel Schack via e-mail (ss_m_@hotmail.dk) or on mobil 26172422.

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