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How to get your thesis published

Would you like to have several hundreds like-minded find out about you and your master thesis? Learn how to reach potential employers, who are looking to hire someone like you. It’s easier than you think.
Arrangør: IDA Fagtekniske Studieevents
Medarrangører: IDA Bioscience, IDA Young Professionals, IDA Young Scientists, Kurser for kandidatstuderende

In just a few hours you will understand the value of turning your thesis into an article.

You will get concrete guidelines to explore the many approaches you can take with your thesis, and turn it into multiple articles.

You will learn how to find the right recipient for your article, and why they will gladly publish your article(s). You will get the exact transcript I used to reach more than 10.000 readers in a physical magazine. And you will be among 0,1% of all students who does it, if you decide to give your thesis a life outside your student faculty.

After the workshop, you will know:

  • why you should turn your thesis into an article
  • how to pick the most important content from your thesis
  • where to find relevant media for your master thesis
  • how to contact magazine, newspapers and blogs, who might be interested in your article
  • how to be published in more than one country, and become an international specialist


Christian Jespersen is the author the first CV-manual for generalists in Denmark, Studiebooster. The book is also available in English on Amazon, under the title Curricular Off-Roading. He has talked in front of hundreds of students, and helped many find a way to go straight from college to a job. He is a sporadic blogger at: studiebooster.dk.

If you have any questions regarding the event please contact Anne Egfjord, e-mail: anneeg@stud.ida.dk


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