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How to handle rapid growth in a tech company

3Shape would like to invite interested IT and software professionals to an inspiring evening on how to handle fast growth in a technology company. Subjects will include multiple distributed scrum teams and staying agile within a growth organization.
Arrangør: IDA IT

3Shape A/S would like to invite for an inspiring evening on how to handle fast growth in a technology company. Founded in only 2000, 3Shape A/S has over 900 employees today with a product-development force with more than 300 professionals. Serving customers in over 100 countries, 3Shape has experienced many of the challenges that face a corporation in fast growth – what are such challenges, and how does one handle them? This will be the subject of 3Shape’s “How to handle growth in a tech company” evening.

The evening will include food, drinks, networking, and two speakers from 3Shape who will share their experiences and insights. David Fischer, department manager and employed at 3Shape since its inception, will explain one of 3Shape’s core working cultures, namely multiple distributed scrum teams. With employees that are situated across countries but working on the same projects, a major challenge has been how to coordinate, delegate, and align tasks between employees in the different countries and cultures. 3Shape has proved highly successful in this, and David will share his insights into how this success is achieved. Another major challenge is how to stay agile within the dental industry when exhibiting high growth. Thomas Clemen, department manager at 3Shape, will explain how 3Shape effectively manages this challenge through its program and project management. Overall, the two speakers will share their views on how to increase software quality, ensure effective communication, and utilize global talent.

The event will take place at 3Shape’s headquarters at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. The evening will start at 5pm and end at 7:30 pm with the opportunity to discuss ideas, meet and, network with like- minded professionals. 3Shape will provide food and drinks.


17.00-17.15: Welcome /w food and drinks
17:15-18:00: David Fischer, department manager, on multiple distributed scrum teams.
18:00-18.15: Break /w food and drinks
18:15-19:00: Thomas Clemen, department manager, on staying agile with high growth.
19:00-19:30: Product show and networking

Free for the members of IDA IT and DANSK IT

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