27-05-2018 01:20:33

How to protect ourselves against IoT?

It’s smart and you get a lot of value from the smart IoT devices. Why worry - do I care if my webcam are used for a DDoS attack? If you care then here is what you shall do.
Arrangør: IDA IT

We have convinced David Jacoby from Kaspersky lab to give us a lecture on IoT security.
It would have been a short lecture if we didn't look into how to handle the lack of security in IoT and what the consequences will be, if we keep ignoring it.

David will give an introduction to the IoT security issue, and it will be up to you as participants to provoke him to provide possible solutions.
David Jacoby has a deep knowledge and might discuss at at very detailed level, depending on the responses from  the audience.
If the right questions are asked, you will be able to help others setup protection against the lack of IoT security.

Presentations and discussions will be in English!

Speaker: David Jacoby from Kapersky

Coordinator: Jørn Guldberg, IDA IT

Free for members of IDA IT and DANSK IT.

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