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IDA Fast track to Denmark

Arrangør: Kompetenceforum, IDA Nord

Just moved to Denmark?

Not quite familiar with Danish work style yet?

Or the Danish mentality in general?

How about do's and taboos?

Get inside knowledge on how to behave in a Danish cultural setting, how to get a social network and of course the most important facts and numbers on Denmark.

    • Cultural issues and norms
    • Communicating with Danes - speech and communication styles
    • Communication: Verbal and non-verbal
    • How to build productive interpersonal relationships
    • Social etiquette and protocol
    • Danish humour
    • Danish customs and national characters and their manifestations in the business world
    • Business etiquette and protocol
    • Leadership styles
    • Decision making and consensus building
    • Negotiation techniques

1500 Welcome and introduction (Jan Schultz, from IDA-AVU NORD)

1510 Communication across different Cultures, how do we see them, how do they see us (Anna Lindhardt from Communication and Culture DK)

1630 ”What is IDA and what can we do for you?”  (Stine Lund, IDA, IDA-Global team)

1730 Sandwich & networking

1800 Work in Denmark, - how to write a good CV and contact companies (Louise Prajakta Ganges - Recruitment Consultant and EURES adviser, Workindenmark West)

1845 Questions and closing remarks (Jan Schultz, from IDA-AVU NORD)

Price:  DKK 0,00. (Sandwich & drinks are included)


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