21-06-2018 08:23:42

IDA IT: End to end Continuous Integration Intelligence

Arrangør: IDA IT
IDA IT: End to end Continuous Integration Intelligence

IDA IT: CI/CD Intelligence & Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and predictive analytics

This event is co-hosted by IDA IT and Teradata and will be presented in English.

Talk 1: End to End Continuous Integration Intelligence by Rockie Yang @ Teradata

Continuous Integration is vital in modern software development and machine learning.

There are great Continuous Integration tool like Jenkins which is pretty easy to use.

However, detailed analysis of workflow execution results is NOT always easy to achieve and visualise in a convenient form.

Add intelligence to Continuous Integration will make the whole flow more effective and greatly shorten feedback loop.

Talk 2: Data science, Machine learning, AI and predictive analytics by Mikkel Krogsholm @ Teradata

What is data science, Machine Learning, AI and predictive analytics? And how can you use these new advanced technologies to predict things in your organisation - like sales for instance.

This talk will give you the overview you need on these technologies and go through an easy to understand scenario that shows how you can use them to predict the future.

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