23-10-2018 05:23:41

Global get-together: Latin America

This time, the global get-together will focus on Latin America. There will be interesting talks, good food, salsa and much more - come along for a fantastic evening at Café Cadeau, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Looking forward to seeing you!
Arrangør: IDA Proces
Medarrangør: IDA Global Development

How is business done in Latin America? What are the similarities and differences between the cultures in Latin America and Denmark? This will be the theme of this global get-together arranged by IDA Proces, IDA Global and IDA Global Development that takes place in Cafe Cadeau, Frederiksberg.

Let’s fight the cold Danish January, with the heat of Latin America. Learn, discuss and network - while meeting new people who share your interests in business and development processes - enjoy real Latin American food, and move your body to the rhythms of salsa.

Kl. 17:00 Arrival and welcome, an introduction to the evening

Kl. 17:15 Astrid Thorsen Hansen, founder of "Itzcali", wants to show the world that Mexico can deliver high quality and luxurious, simple design and works together with small upcoming designers in Mexico, who value their culture and traditions. “Itzcali” is the result of a profound love for Mexico. All jewellery and bags sold at her website comes directly from there.

Kl. 17:45 Carlos Lopez, from COFFEE GROWERS A/S. Coffee Growers A/S is an authentic pool of Colombian coffee growers, who has an experience of two generations in the production of the most outstanding green beans with strict quality control for Specialty Coffees Roasters. Carlos Lopez will share with us his journey entering the Scandinavian market to source, distribute and promote Colombian green beans showcasing the hard work and expertise of farmers families from the Province of Cauca, one of the most affected by the FARC conflict.

Kl. 18:15 Allan Christensen COO of DOIST will tell us how his company started in Santiago de Chile and created one of the first task-management software available in the market. Doist specialize in productivity software for both individuals and groups. Today the company has a mainly virtual team with 51 employees (designers, engineers and communicators) based in 20 countries on 5 continents.

Kl. 18:45 Dinner will be served and provided by El Jefe (“The Boss”) who has prepared for us a menu full of different flavours from Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.

Kl. 20:00 Salsa intro, dance and networking.

Kl. 21:30 Good bye for now

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