17-12-2018 20:36:20

IDA Webinar: Scrum – what and how?

At this webinar, you will be introduced to what Scrum is and how Scrum can become a part of the way you work in your organisation.
Arrangør: Ingeniørforeningen, IDA

Scrum as an agile approach is based on the principles of empirical processes. It originates from software development but is generally applicable in any project with a sufficiently complex challenge. Scrum is interesting because the approach has a proven record and successful results. This especially holds true of the large effect of project implementation and creation of the right solutions which benefit the users and the customers.


At the webinar, we will go through what Scrum is: the roles, the activities and artefacts, and compare Scrum to traditional methods of project management. You will expand your system of ideas, hear of typical pitfalls and why it is important to address the company culture and managerial style in connection with the introduction of Scrum. Finally, we will touch on how you create a strategy for the introduction of Scrum and how Scrum is operationalised in your organisation.


About the speaker of the webinar:

Bent Myllerup is an agile coach at agile42. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), and in 2008, he was the first European to become Certified Scrum Coach (CSC). He is still the only Dane to be at this high level, which comprises only 30 persons worldwide. Furthermore, Bent is a trained systemic coach and has a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.


Bent has used agile methods in connection with the development of software, hardware and mechanics since 2006 and frequently blog about his experiences and approaches at Computerworld’s Danish Scrum blog and at agile42’s international site. His approach to agile project management and agile methods is practical and non- dogmatic, which companies in Denmark, Europe, North America and the Middle East have benefited from in recent years.


Bent is involved in agile communities in several countries and is known as a committed and inspiring speaker and facilitator at conferences on a global scale.


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Organiser: The webinar is arranged by The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.




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