23-06-2018 04:43:50

Improve your personal sales pitch

One of the things that will seperate yourself from others in jobinterviews is your ability to sell yourself. In this event you will have the opportunity to improve just that by practicing your personal sales pitch!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

In this workshop, conducted by Mette Thomassen, a lecturer in entrepreneurship, you will be taken through the theory of a sales pitch and get to create and practice your personal pitch that will highlight in the best way possible what you have to offer.

From this event you can then bring something that will support you whenever you go to a jobinterview or other situations where you have to sell yourself. So if you are looking for a job, or finishing your education soon, don't miss this chance to get a headstart in the labourmarket!


1. Take this personality test: https://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/

2. Think of a certain job or find a job-ad, that you would consider your dream job

The event will take place in E.170 and snacks & drinks will be provided.

Any questions, please contact: lukas@stud.ida.dk

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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