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Innovation Café 2

The Innovation Café shall function as a platform for everyone who wants to know more about the topic of entre- and intrapreneurship and would like to establish a (cross-border) network with other people with similar interests.
Arrangør: Sønderjylland Afdeling, IDA Syd

The structure of the arrangement is as following:

1. Presentation (which shall cover different aspects of entrepreneurship)

2. Discussion

3. Possibility for networking

The 10th of October 2013 point one will assumed exist of two presentations about 20 to 25 minutes each. These presentations will deal with the topic of venture capital and treat an entrepreneurial case, where an entrepreneur presents his start-up experiences. After the presentations there will be room for discussion and networking. The organizers will offer refreshments.

The final program for November has still to be organized.

If you have any questions please write us a mail

Ken Holm Thomsen, Development Consultant

Direkte: +45 6550 8155

Mobil: +45 6011 1889

Mail: kht(at)idea.sdu.dk


Lisa Marie Frederiksen, Student Assistant

Mail: lmf(at)idea.sdu.dk

Manoraj Manoharan
Tlf. 81 19 61 21 
E-mail: manoraj@stud.ida.dk

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