19-11-2018 15:15:37

Inspiration to Your Future Semester project or Job

Arrangør: Energiteknisk Gruppe, IDA Nord

The 17th of November, Energiteknisk Gruppe Nordjylland invites you to an academic event.

Five different engineers from the energy sector will tell about their jobs. The event will be about current projects in a broad perspective, together with the challenges that they meet within their field of work.
The focus will be, to give some inspiration for your semester projects/master thesis, but also to reveal some of the interesting places to work.

For this event the following companies will attend:

- Energinet.dk (TSO)
Fluctuating energy, transmission, strategic planning, smart- and super-grid, gas & electricity, pilot projects, etc.

- PlanEnergi (engineers consulting)
Intelligent energy system, wind turbines, CHP, energy reduction, waste & energy planning, etc.

- Forsyningsvirksomhederne Aalborg Kommune (Aalborg Municipality)
Heat planning (district- or individual heating), organization structure/ company forms, economy (tariff systems)

- Vedvarende Energi (NGO)
Lobbyism in DK and EU, public information, energy conservation, pilot projects in DK, EU and developing countries, energy plans in e.g. Eastern Europe, climate initiatives etc. 

- Engineers Without Borders (NGO)
Share ideas, experiences, technical knowledge, and documentation, develop partnerships on community projects, coordinate student exchanges, internships, and professional volunteers etc.

We will begin at 15.00 and each speaker has around 35 minutes. Around 18.15 there will be a dinner.

Energiteknisk Gruppe will be host for a FREE dinner!

Remember to sign up.

We are looking forward to see you.

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