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Intercultural communication

Arrangør: KompetenceForum, IDA København
Medarrangør: IDA Global Development

Intercultural communication

- Become better at communicating effectively across cultures


Are you going to work abroad? Do you have colleagues from other countries or do you have customers at the global market? All of this requires clear communication strategies and an understanding of the role the culture will play when people meet and interact.

If this is the case, the course Intercultural Communication is what you need.



1. An understanding of what your culture means when it comes to communication

2. Questioning techniques as to how to listen actively

3. An increased understanding of culture, which will make you an effective communicator no matter which culture you find yourself a part of

4. Cultural self-awareness – for instance what characterises the Danish way of communicating

5. Advise about how to avoid, as a communicator, the most common mistakes and assumptions in an international context


You can also learn about different views at status, power and authority, and you can learn more about why it is useful to have knowledge about other cultures.

In the course a lot of examples from different cultures will beused and the participants are also welcome to share their own experiences.

Exercises and reflections will be a part of the course.


Place: Copenhagen University College of Engineering, Lautrupvang 15, Room D 1.82, 2750 Ballerup


A light meal will be offered.


Organiser: VG-Oticon, TR-IHK and KompetenceForum Københavns region, IDA


Introductory speaker: MA in sinology, BA in pedagogy and psychology Anne Lindhardt


Please note that the registration is binding after 1 November.

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