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Introduction to Macros and VBA in Excel - Be more efficient in Excel - Conducted in English

Be inspired to use Excel macros to automate your daily Work.
Arrangør: IEF-Fonden

Seminar Objective
This seminar is an introduction to Macros in Excel as well as inspiration for how you can automate your daily work using Macros and VBA.

The seminar is for Windows PC users - NOT Mac. You must bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel 2016, 2013 or 2010 installed and an extension lead. The instructor uses the UK version of Excel, but you can use a DK or a UK version af Excel.

Seminar Outline
Introduction to Excel macros & VBA

• Record a Macro
• How to Run a Macro
• Learn to Edit VBA Code
• Learn to Write Macro Code
• Create User Defined Functions (UDF)
• Macros that React to Input by the User
• Use Macros in your Daily Work

Knowledge Required
You are an experienced user of Excel and have participated in advanced course of Excel or have experience at an advanced level.

Remember to state your email in connection with the registration. Your email will be given to Jelgren Consult. Your email will only be used in connection with the transmission of educational material.

There will be served ice water, fruit, sandwiches, mixed soda, coffee / tea and cake

Seminar Provider
Jelgren Consult

If any questions about the contents of the seminar, you can contact Lone Jelgren, Jelgren Consult, phone No. 22 24 00 75 or email lj@jelgrenconsult.dk


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