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Introduction to SharePoint

Arrangør: KompetenceForum, IDA København

Introduction to SharePoint


The seminar is for anyone who wishes to receive an introduction to SharePoint, and would like to know more about the potentials and pitfalls arising from the use and implementation of SharePoint in an organisation.


This is not a seminar for the technical setup of the SharePoint Server, but a seminar from a user’s point of view.


The setup of SharePoint is unique to each organisation with differing access, rights, roles etc., and versions of SharePoint, so the instructor will be demonstrating using a typical setup of a SharePoint Online 2010 version.


A certain amount of knowledge of Microsoft Office in general as well as the use of the Internet is required.


Participants can bring their own laptops and access their organisation’s own SharePoint site.


The participants should be aware that there are major differences between the 2010 version and earlier versions, including the user interface.


Introduction to SharePoint, Main Content:
·         User Interface of SharePoint 2010
·         Sharing Work Using SharePoint
·         SharePoint Sites
·         SharePoint Lists
·         SharePoint Document Libraries

Course provider: JELGREN CONSULT


A light meal will be provided.


Please note that fees will not be refunded for cancellations after 2nd November.


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