16-10-2018 02:30:39

Introduction to Machine Learning

Have you considered what you can learn from your data? Leading companies and organizations today use machine learning to get the most insight into their data, to optimize processes, and make better decisions. Machine learning has thus become an important.
Arrangør: IDA Fremtidsteknologi
Medarrangører: IDA IT, IDA Mechanical
Introduction to Machine Learning

In this one-day course, we will explain what machine learning is and what machine learning can be used for.
The course will provide an introduction to the most central, basic concepts such as cross-validation,
generalization, supervised learning focusing on regression and decision trees, and unsupervised learning
with focus on density estimation and clustering. The course will both provide an overview of some of the
underlying theories but also include practical applications using Matlab, Python or R to analyze data. You are welcome to bring your own data for the practical exercises.

The course is based on elements of the highly successful DTU course "Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining" and the accompanying course book, and will be taught by Associate Professor Morten Mørup and Associate Professor Mikkel N. Schmidt from DTU Compute that both have more than 10 years of
research, teaching, and supervision experience in machine learning.

Prerequisites: Participants are expected to be familiar with first year university mathematics or equivalent
(i.e., linear algebra and basic probability theory) and basic programming in either Matlab, Python or R.

The course will be in English.

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