16-08-2018 12:14:49

IPython Notebook – an Engineer's Swiss Army Knife

Arrangør: IDA Embedded

As the Swiss Army knife combines several functions into a single tool,
IPython Notebook allows to solve many different tasks with a single tool:

IPython Notebook is a browser-based development system for Python program.
IPython Notebook is a possible substitute for Matlab or R, through the interface two Python libraries as numpy, Matplotlib and SciPy.
IPython Notebook is an interactive visualization platform. Visualisations can be shown and modified directly in the browser.
IPython Notebook is an advanced command line interface allowing to manipulate and access the file system and operating system.
IPython Notebook is a presentation platform. Presentations can be made ​​in IPython and converted into slideshows.

The following topics will be part of the presentation, as time allows:
IPython Notebooks: What are they?
How do you work with IPython Notebooks
IPython Notebook as:
        Python development
        Matlab replacement
        Visualisation tool
        Command line interface

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