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Italian-Nordic Polymer Future workshop

The workshop will present ongoing as well as planned polymer research within the two geographic entities.
Arrangør: IDA Polymer

During decades strong research alliances have existed between various research polymer groups in Italy and the Nordic countries. This was based on close personal relations between individuals resulting in both stronger and warmer friendships but also exciting scientific discoveries. The organization of this Workshop stems from a joint effort to elaborate on these very positive experiences and expand the possibilities to more formal interactions.

The Workshop intends to present ongoing as well as planned polymer research within the two geographic entities. This should set the scene for mutual exchange of knowledge and novel ideas that could develop into wider dissemination of research advances, industrial innovation and professional networking. Also possible exchange of students and post-docs beyond existing alliances could be fostered.  New collaborations will be favoured, which could eventually help to envision international polymer research consortia. Strong international consortia with solid industrial support seem presently necessary in order to obtain substantial funding, e.g. from EU.

The Workshop will consist of invited lectures primarily by young, yet established researchers who will review the state of the art and prospect for an emerging future in their selected fields of polymer science, engineering and application. Naturally, larger participation from the Italian and Nordic communities and the International community at large is very cordially welcome.

The town of Pisa is an art treasure and offers plenty to its visitors. The Square of Miracles, a UNESCO heritage of mankind, is universally acclaimed as an attraction to all lovers of beauty. The Workshop will also provide a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy during the free time in the very heart of central Italy.

Those who wish to contribute a poster paper should send a one-page abstract to the Secretariat, maria.viola@italiannordicpolyfuture.it, by the deadline of 15 July, 2017. Acceptance will be notified by 30 July, 2017.

Homepage: http://www.italiannordicpolyfuture.it/


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